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Works Productions (1996 - 2009) was my first creative production company under who's moniker I created films, made theater, produced experiential events and took on clients for advertising and communications. In 2003, I designed and shipped this website experience to celebrate the work we had done and drum up interest in helping us make more.
Loading Page "Flop."

Upon navigating to the URL, the first thing that happened as the webpage loaded was a carousel of images from various productions. A progress bar appeared to the left of the "Support Living Artists" tagline.

Once fully loaded, the splashpage would take over the flop which built out our primary navigation bar and trumped our recent successes. When one's cursor moused over different lines, the image behind would change to that particular production - on click, you would be taken to the specific production case study page.

Back in 2002, when I first started developing this site, there were a lot of various "best practices" around web pages sizes which often meant that there would be cropping issues or black space around the edges depending on what way you were accessing the site. By oversizing the image and maintaining an "action safe" area defined by the navigation bar and drop downs I could keep awkward looking sizing issues to a minimum.
Project Chapter Pages.

Your first introduction to a particular project would feature a quick description of that production. Click anywhere to get into the guts of the project.
Project in situ: Love Jerry.

Love Jerry, by Megan Gogerty was a musical that I produced and creative directed which had its New York debut at the 2008 New York Musical Theatre Festival where it hauled in the lion's share of the awards: Most Promising New Musical, Excellence in Writing (Book), Excellence in Direction, Outstanding Ensemble Performance, and two Outstanding Individual Performances. We also received awards for Outstanding New Musical and two Outstanding Male Actor honors from the Talkin' Broadway 2008 Summer Theatre Festival Citations.
Company Pages

In the primary company pages area, we featured key information about Works, how we were doing and what we had planned.
Reader's Theater Splashpage.

An ongoing series of staged reading performances of plays, musicals, even an opera, all in partnership with Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle. I then spun off a downtown series at HousingWorks Soho where we staged more "daring" work that appealed to a "downtown" audience.
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