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Creative Direction // Video Direction // Production

Before there was a smartphone, there was HTC. From its scrappy startup story as an OEM to its place as a design leader pushing the possibilities, the story of HTC Design has always been about creativity and integrity and curiosity. Over a whirlwind eight days I met crews and talent in five offices across three countries to cover and unpack all the facets of HTC Design.
Executive Producer: Jonah Becker 
Executive Producer: Dana Nicholson 
Executive Producer: Scott Chan 

Julian Rad, Creative Director/Director 
Matt Nee, Editor 
Luc Burson, Composer/Sound Design, 

HTC Taiwan
David White, Director, HTC 
Julienne Wu, Producer, HTC 
Scott Chan, Executive Producer, HTC 
Jen Lim, Senior Manager, HTC 
Askafilm Production 

HTC San Francisco
Jason Joseffer, Director of Photography 
Frazer Bradshaw, 2nd Camera 
Theresa Wong, 2nd Camera 
Jim Choi, Location Sound Recordist 

HTC Seattle
Chris Mosio, Director of Photography 
Jeremy Mackie, 2nd Camera 
Charles Tomaras, Sound Recordist
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